Get to know us!

We are a Colombian mother and daughter, full of energy, charisma and creativity.
We have the sense of adventure in decorating homes with a bold and unique style.

Zona E Home began as a dream more than 8 years ago in Colombia, we wanted to help people tell their own
stories through the spaces they inhabit. Spaces that also turn into experiences full of details, allowing them
to express who they really are. After years of passion and dedication, we proudly open a second hub in
Washington DC giving our fellow Americans the opportunity to acquire our latin American magic in the warmth of their home.

You’ll find products from all around the world, boho chic and natural fibers define our taste. The curatorship of them
has been made by Colombian souls. Souls of dreamers, explorers and treasure hunters. 

The joy (la dicha) of creation, as a manifesto of our true selves.