Greetings to my fellow community! Hope everything is going well. I’m here to share with you 5 lifesaver tips to use at your dining table for a special occasion. After reading this blog, I’m sure you’ll be inspired and confident to build the perfect table yourself!

Planning the set up of your table will help you understand the right distribution of decorating items without interfering with the area your guests will be using to eat. Keep in mind the menu you’ll be serving to make space to put the food and beverage between everything else.

If you’ve seen my videos you’ll know I'm a fanatic of flowers and all kinds of greeneries. Bringing color to the table will spread joy and life upon your guests! Choose your favorite plants in tall and short vases to create visual movement in the center of your table.

This is the time to bring up your crazy side by adding texture and color between placemats, napkins or even runners. Don’t hesitate to create a new dishware set by combining plates from different color and sizes, mix and match old and new sets to have a spontaneous look.

It's time to undust your candle holders, candelabra or even tealight holders to add subtle lighting to your table. This will bring a warm environment for our guests to feel more comfortable. Extra tip: leave nude tone candles for another time, choose bright colors to add fun to your table.

Last but not least, adding humoring details will create a story of conversation for your guests. Animal figurines, characters, or any kind of sculpture will add that little extra we all need to enjoy dinner. Taking bold steps will not only make you confident but different as well.

I’m pretty sure these tips will help you create a wonderland-like table. I encourage you to be confident in making bold, crazy decisions to have an incredible dining table. Let me know what you think of these tips and show us pictures of a set up you did inspired in this post! See you soon!

Written by Zona E Home DC Admin


Hola, que interesante información muchas gracias.

Alexander on Oct 01, 2021

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